May 8, 2010

Victoria at "Sweden week"

Crown Princess Victoria attended yesterday a gala on the occasion of the "Sweden week" in Seattle.

1 Today she visited a hospital. All journalists were forbidden to ask questions. "My sister unfortunately could not come today but it means I got the opportunity, "said Victoria in Seattle last night. "I am very grateful to be here and have the opportunity to see the hospital. In addition, it is the first time I am in Seattle, so I'm very happy." It was the king who decided to send Victoria instead of Madeleine.
Victoria also got a T-shirt from the hospital with the words "I love Swedish babies". ("Jag älskar svenska bebisar"). She held up the shirt and laughed:
- "Oh, I do love Swedish babies."
The author of the articel was very impressed by her commitment and knowledge because she seemed very interested and asked competent questions.

(photos: expressen)

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