December 9, 2011

First picture of Mary in Tasmania

After the official visit to Australia, Crown Princess Mary and family are now in Tasmania to visit Mary's family.
Two school girls have taken a picture with Mary, who spent the entire day with her sister and children at the beach.

The Mercury - Princess at the beach

In the meantime the Daily Telegraph has taken pictures of Mary driving her family around in Hobart.


Anonymous said...

we would love to see more pictures about them please

Anonymous said...

Princess Mary is lovely isn't she? No airs and graces, she just gets on with her job and I think that's why she's so well liked. Very good material for a future queen and a role model.

Anonymous said...

Lovely princess.

RoyalDish said...

What's all the hoopla about this woman? she is still so common and so ugly. Somone make her go away!
Mary is mentally ill – as was her mother, as is her son.
Look into my eyes Mary – you cannot deny it. You might fool some but you cant fool me..
divorce is coming soon...
can't stand this FAKE slut