May 20, 2012

Christening of little Danish Princess

Today the christening of the little daughter of Prince Joachim and Princess took place at Mogeltonder church.
The godparents are

Hr. Gregory Grandet
Hr. Edouard Cavallier
Fr. Carina Axelsson
Fr. Julie Mirabaud
Hr. Diego de Lavandeyra
Fr. Henriette Steenstrup.

At about 17:20 p.m. the name of the little girl was revealed: Athena Marguerite Françoise Marie.


Anonymous said...

Everyone looks great! Mother and daughter are both beautiful.

Anonymous said...

How hilarious. Mary walks with her body facing the cameras.

Anonymous said...

Marie is so beautiful and also her little girl adorable

liseluc said...

Mary et sa famille sout-tone, dommage!

marie said...

Oui, Mary nous a habituè a beacoup mieux.....Marie jolie mais mal coiffèe.

Anonymous said...

Marie loves to be the center of attention, dioes not even have the other children walk with them, so the limelight would not be taken from her.

Anonymous said...

The little princess is sweet as are all the Danish children

Marie's dress is a little to tight and as it was her daugter's christening perhaps a little more effort with her hair would have helped. Ugly brooch.