October 27, 2012

Prince of Asturias Awards 2012

The Spanish Royal Family attended yesterday the Prince of Asturias Awards 2012 ceremony at the Campoamor Theater.


BecB said...

love love love CP Letizia's hair this way, it is so flattering. She looks fabulous and stylish.

Anonymous said...

Letizia getting more beautiful by the years

Anonymous said...

Beautiful?? I can argue such statement, but it is a question of taste, anyway. The point is, beautiful or not, if she suits the role of a Princess that the destiny has assigned to her. On my opinion, after observing her over the years is that, when led to herself, she lacks the natural Royal Stile and the sense of being a Princess for the others, not just for herself. The latest example is the Premios Príncipe de Asturias event: it is a gala for the man and women awarded with the Premio, which gives tribute to great achievements and hard work. It is not an engagement party or a cocktail!!!...En fin!...Letizia just simply could not get the point: she is always, -with very few exceptions-, Over-, Under- or UnProperly dressed...What a puty!