October 21, 2012

Wedding of Prince Guillaume and Countess Stéphanie de Lannoy - Religious ceremony

Yesterday the religious part of the wedding of Prince Guillaume and Countess Stéphanie took place.

Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel

Crown Prince Philippe and Crown Princess Mathilde


Crown Prince Felipe and Crown Princess Letizia

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary

Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and Crown Princess Máxima


BecB said...

CP Maxima - wow! She looks fabulous - the outfit, the hat, the shoes, the makeup - as a couple they look great! Bravo!
CP Letizia outfit is excellent and the peek a boo hat is nice.
CP Victoria looks lovely, although I think the length of the outfit verges on dowdy, it could have been just a little shorter to flatter better. I love the left hand floral side of her hat but am not so sure about the right hand side.
CP Mary's outfit is a little ordinary, an interesting necklace would have been nice,and her accessories are not quite right esp.the hat is too chunky and the wrong colour and texture. I think she could have done better.
Mathilde looks great but platforms? So tall already?
And CP MM - black at a wedding is a no-no!

Royal Lady said...

Dito to all ;)
Máxima looks really gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

1- Maxima
2- Victoria
3- Letizia

C'est mon classement :)

Anonymous said...

I really love CP Victorias hat. It suits her very well, her face looks lovely. Yes, the coat and dress could be a bit shorter.

Anonymous said...

Letizia could wear a potato sack and still looking stunnig!!!!

Anonymous said...

No one can beat Maxima ,she is the most elegant princess ever..stunning

Anonymous said...

Don't like Mary, Máxima and Mette-Marit (what is that ugly thing she wore on her head????), even Mathilde, she can do it better, I like Victoria so much but I think Letizia is the winner specially with a man like Felipe at her side, he is so handsome.

The bride gown is really beautiful.

BecB said...

Yes, the brides gown was stunning, just perfect.