November 23, 2012

Máxima and Willem-Alexander in Brazil

Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and Crown Princess Máxima have been on a five-day-trip to Brazil which ended today.


Anonymous said...

Max is a bit of a manic but she's real and genuine and has actual concern for her work. Take note Mary of hobart! forget playing to the camera and just get to work.

how cute is her joining in the dancing ..crazy max!

Anonymous said...

Royal Lady!!!
Note the comments on the Crown Princess Mary! They do not meet the truth!

Anonymous said...

Maxima enjoing Latin America tour very much ,no wonder it is her homeland . Have great time lovely couple .

Anonymous said...

Maxima is my girl! Just adore her lively and vibrant personality!
She was right when she said she'd always stay true to her Latin roots - dancing, laughing and just be perky and fun when it's called for.

Sometimes her outfits can be hits or misses but here she has two hits. That sleevless red/orangey suit is so pretty ..Love the colours! Same with the shift orange dress ...vibrant colour for a vibrant lady! I heart!

Anonymous said...

Maxima nous rappelle que l'Amérique du Sud est sa terre d'origine :)...Elle est à la maison, joyeuse, exubérante, elle-même.

BecB said...

I think her country loves her for a very good reason - CP Maxima is a one in a million.
Love the pics of her hamming it up, you would never see, for example, the English princesses doing this. In moderation, a bit of 'let your hair down' is a great thing to see, yes, even from princesses.

hey hey! said...

Kate got into it too in Tuvalu, wearing local costume of a flower crown and grass skirt swaying to the hula beat and laughing. And in far less grander surroundings but she looked so happy indulging her hosts. They loved she was up there joining them in the hula hula routine.

Yes it is nice when they get into the spirit of things. Even royals can do with some fun. Especially royals!!! People love to see that and relate more to their down to earth side.