November 7, 2012

Victoria and family on holiday in Marbella

Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel and Estelle have been on a short trip to Marbella with some of their friends.

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Anonymous said...

So refreshing to see them in regular clothes ... Jogging ...
I always have a soft spot for Victoria! A born princess with compassion and real caring for the everyday person! So important to make that connection. Without it people just want to kick these Royal families to the curb. Monarchy today works because of the people , the citizens. If we didn't want you we'd all be republics. So yeah they have an obligation to serve for all the expensive upkeep ..two way street really ..give and take. Because it's not such an impossible feat anymore to get rid of royalty. These are modern times and so the monarchy have a lot to answer for as they are beholden to the people ..