November 28, 2012

William and Kate visit Cambridge

Prince William and Duchess Catherine paid today an official visit to Cambridge.


hey said...

Ohhh wanna see her animal print dress under her coat ...the wind showed us a bit of the bottom...
She loves those ankle boots! Worn a lot.
Good to see her happy. She smiles extra wide when Will is next to her....sweet!

hey said...

Finally they visit their namesake .... Cambridge!!!

So sweet how Kate is grinning at the baby and grabbing his foot. She's WAY ready for one of her own.
Baby bumb watching on high ALERT! ;-);-)

Anonymous said...

Kate's layered hair cut is nice for a change ... She could go shorter and it'd still look good!

windy windy day for a balcony wave ...Huge crowd! Cambridge came out to support their Duke & Duchess. Nice!

Spanish Enthusiast said...

Very nice style, Kate! Elegant and humble, at the same time. Love that! The beauty shouldn't be screaming, otherwise it turns into vulgarity. Thumbs up for Kate! Almost always perfect for her role. And seems happy :)

:-) said...

Very nicely put Spanish Enthusiast!! :)

She's doing well!! Despite some bumps in the road they stay real and are determined to keep their marriage intact and focus ahead. Happy journey Wills and Kate!

liseluc said...

The "bottines" are no elegant....why she love trhis shoes?

:-) said...

I think Kate is trying to be extra cautious with her outfits so as not to be wasteful. She still wears a lot of her "old" clothes and shoes from pre-wedding. it's a good thing!!!!
Any other girl would just get rid of all her
pre-royal wardrobe and buy only designer labels but even now she still buys from Main street thrifty stores.
Nothing wrong with that. If it looks good, why not? She's only doing those stores great biz as anything she wears sells out instantly!!! Good for a struggling British economy!