December 15, 2012

Audiences at Zarzuela Palace

Crown Prince Felipe and Crown Princess Letizia attended audiences at Zarzuela Palace.


Spanish Enthusiast said...

:)..Here we are again!...Letizia just can't make it! I'm sorry, as a Spanish, to have to admit that, but our princess once again did not do it right. More a "naff" than a Princess :((
Great shoes! Very nice top. ...But that skirt!! Oh, please!! First of all the combination makes the whole clothing set clash terribly! Brown with purple and pale beige...come on!
And then, the skirt itself...The "leopard-crocodile-type-skin" motive has never been something elegant and classy to wear. It's more proper for a suburb disco or do the shopping...It's curios that amongst the nouveau riche, inexplicably why, this motive, is always so popular!...and, of course, signs for them...(it reminds me of the latest shoe choice of princess Mary in Hong Kong)
The audiences Letizia is dressed here for are two - with the Association Messengers for Peace (for decades dedicated to finding families for homeless children, supporting women pray of home violence, elder homeless people, physically and mentally disabled) and with the Foundation Conocimiento y Desarroyo, (works for the improvement of the University education).
So, let's see: The outfit obviously is a low key one and has been chosen deliberately (Letizia has an audience, she has not met those people shopping downtown). Her Real Highness obviously thinks that this is the profile of their Princess those without any doubt worthy people deserve to meet and "receive". ...Strange, no "crocodile-whatever-skin" motives for the visit of Sarkozy-Carla Bruni or "Príncipe of Asturias Awards"...
So, dear BecB, unfortunately, it's not "her personal rebel touches"...It's lack of class and taste, in the best case, or in the worse, just arrogance and lack of respect - to her position as a Princess (acquired!) and to the other.
...I really do hope is't just lack of class, though...

(please see the links of the audiences, if our dear host doesn't mind to publish them)

Anonymous said...

Letizia looks great! she's perfection from head to toe!! Killer shoes! work it girl!! I heart x100000!!!!

BecB said...

Hi Spanish Enthusiast. You make some good points however I cannot help but like Letizia's style. The skirt is interesting and saves her outfit from being too boring.
One thing I do like about this CP couple is that they do a lot of their royal duties together, they seem to make a good team. Unlike other MIA Crown Princes, Felipe seems genuinely involved.

Anonymous said...

CP Felipe is a gorgeous handsome man .Lucky Letizia !

Spanish Enthusiast said...

Dear BecB, hello! I would really appreciate if you tell me what value, as being "interesting" this skirt adds (but does not subtract) to the official Audience (two in this case) given by the Crown Princely couple of Spain. Really.

Letizia is in those photos not to amuse us, the readers of this blog (it could be a collateral effect :) ), nor herself (I hope!), -she is not a starlet, nor a fashion model, nor a journalist anymore-. The only reason she is in those photos is because she is performing her duty as Princess of Spain.

If I meet Letizia dressed like this in a restaurant or at
the market, I would think "What a bad fashion day has this girl had today!" But who cares! For her taste in her private life nor my opinion with that respect..

When the Princess of Spain is serving as such however (:) on average 3 of 7 days of the week, after all not such a hectic agenda to get bored, isn't it?) :) ) she is bound to her role. As spouse of the Crown Prince, by his side or alone, the Princess is supposed to Dignify! an event, to Acknowledge and Honor the position and/or achievements of the people she is meeting with - no difference if those are head of States or just citizens. That is her unique function! If she does not accomplish this plain but extremely important function, then she simply does not do the job.
Would you feel Dignified, or Honored, or Admired for your achievements if received officially in the Palace by such a skirt?! ?!

At the end, the inherent sense of Class and Elegance is about that: acknowledging Both your inner worth and that of the others...Knowing what to put on for each and every different occasion, to be nor over-, nor under- but just Properly dressed ...that's all about it! That means respect both for the others and yourself.

Everything out of that adequacy is just Not Doing It Right!!, indifferently if it could be qualified as "bad taste" or "arrogance", "tawdry" or "snobbish"...

Nice and sunny Sunday to everybody! :)

Anonymous said...

This clothes are from Spanish affordable streetstyle brands. Everytime she wears something, it desappears from the shops! as people become crazy with her

Anonymous said...

Spanish Enthusiast ... ¿Y prefieres que la sigan criticando a matar por usar ropa de alta costura?, supongo que para ti vestirse como una princesa es tener toda la colección de zapatos y bolsos de Prada, usar Valentinos, zapatos Louboutin ... y no Zara, Mango, Üterque. Muchas de las críticas que recibe ni siquiera se las merece, la critican por no usar ropa más acorde a su posición, por usar marcas low cost, por reciclar, pero luego la critican también cuando estrena algún modelo.

Yo prefiero que vista así y no con los modelazos de Óscar de la Renta que se gasta la Infanta Elena. Es una lástima que se vea el aspecto frívolo que transmite el mundo de la moda, y no su trabajo diario como por ejemplo con las asociaciones de enfermedades raras.

Spanish Enthusiast said...

Ok...So Leti is the Princess that makes the economy go because she makes women buy clothes. Hmm...Solid argument to explain her functions as future Queen and representative of the State. :) Ha!!
As for this, Belen Esteban (ha!! ha!!), a very popular trashy starlet of the trash TV in Spain, does the same job with a great success.
...I'm sorry, Anonimous 10:26 PM, you could try better...:)

Spanish Enthusiast said...

Dear Ladies, I apologize for kind of "monopolizing" the floor here. So, please excuse my eloquence...
But the value judgments need argumentation, otherwise they remain vain and offensive.

Dear Anonimous 12:52am,

It's not about money, you see, it's all about class and elegance.

When I see Letizia (or whoever else) I don't know what brand does she wear, nor have the interest in that at all. I can see if she or he looks gorgeous or ridiculous, whether the way she/he presents her/himself in accordance with 1. what physically suits her/him, 2. the concrete occasion, 3. her/his social position, 4. her/his age.

Sincerely I don't understand much of brands, I believe you could find some good things at Zara and some awful things at Valentino, I ignore who Louboutin and don't know much, nor care, about Prada.
I believe that in general the brands are for the masses (with all the needed respect)- both Haute Couture or Pret-a-Porter, i.e. for people who do not dispose of time/money/imagination. (Not the case of Letizia as regards to time and money)

If you are a Princess, you are The Excellence! by definition, The Perfection towards which each of us should try in its own possibilities. That is, at the end, What Legitimates why the diamond tiara lays onto the Princess' head and not onto the ordinary-Jane's one.

I believe that, when official occasions are to be dealt with, with taste, intelligence and 2-knowbody-knows tailors at your service one could make wonders!! for 1/10th of the cost and time you would spend searching trough brands, no matter Mango or Valentino. Or else, by adding an elegant organza flower pin (15-10€), for instance, you could make an anonymous black cocktail dress perfect for every Princess and occasion.
It's all about the intention and what are you there for.
And last but not least, recycling is a Marvelous thing!! Thumbs up for it! ...Unfortunately, unlike glass and paper recycling, when you recycle cloths and appearance, the bad quality and taste remain the same. :/ I believe that a wardrobe build in 8 years of marriage to the Crown Prince of Spain could perform much better - and adequate!! - to what we see...6-7 very good things per year are enough :)

Sorry for the news, Leti, but Noblesse oblige!

:) Nice and sunny day to everybody! :)