December 10, 2012

Nobel Prize Ceremony 2012

Today the annual Nobel Price Ceremony took place at the Concert Hall in Stockholm.

After the ceremony a banquet was held at Stockholm Town Hall.


Anonymous said...

Madeleine is drop dead gorgeous!!!! the radiant smile, the stunning tiara, beautiful dress!!!
Was Chris there?

Anonymous said...

even though Victoria is wearing my least fav tiara , she's still all fabulous in that glittering green gown!
and Queen Silvia is one beautiful woman too!

Anonymous said...

please post some pics of Prince Carl Philip ! oh my he's yummy yummy yummy! :) :)
surely you have pictures of him with his sisters at this Nobel ceremony?

Anonymous said...

Love Madeleine's look but the tiara should be placed more forward's a bit too far back!

HOWEVER her dress is gorgeoussssss!!!!
such a pretty face!

Anonymous said...

It is understandable that O'Neill did what it was suggested to him to do missing the Nobel Prize Ceremony. Such behavior intend to let in shadow the previous presence of Princess Madeleine in Nobel Ceremony together with her previous fiance. Media will say that the new presence of her in Nobel is with new fiance. It was just to avoid such comments. And it's functioned!

Anonymous said...

Isn´t Vitoria looking sad?

Jen Hackenbruch said...

Wow! Both Victoria & Madeleine look stunning!

Anonymous said...

translation? .... Madeleine's ex fiance used to attend the Nobel Peace Ceremony with her but now with Chris he's staying away?
why? is the Swedish press giving her a hard time? don't they like the New Yorker guy?
what's the public's reaction to Madeleine's husband-to-be?
not rich enough?
what about her family?
do they like Chris?
any Swedes here for updates please?


:-) said...

no she's beautiful! she just couldn't be smiling the whole time! some parts of the ceremony are serious not meant for smiling so we get smiling and non-smiling photos!

Anonymous said...

CP Victoria dress is stunning but the make up of her is not nice ,I think the eyeshadow colour is very dull and shaby

L. said...

I absolutely loved the way Madeleine used the Queen Josefina amethyst tiara. Of all the ladies who used it, I venture to say that Madde was the one that knew how to do better.It´s not a tiara easy to use. On the other hand, I did not like the dress she had previously wore at the concert prior to Princess Victoria wedding. Vicky, in turn, looked beautiful in her Elie Saab, but "Four Lollypops Tiara" was indeed preventable. Extra points for the hairstyle and the magnificent Bernadotte emerald necklace .

BecB said...

I love CP Victoria's look. The braid detail in her hair is fabulous. The dress is a great bright colour and I really like the darker eyeshadow, it really makes her eyes 'pop'. Gorgeous.
Madeliene looks stunning also, she suits pastel colours (she could never wear Victoria's dress)but agree, her tiara is not positioned correctly.
They all look very happy.

Spanish Enthusiast said...

Wonderfully beautiful!