December 20, 2012

Swedish Academy's formal gathering

The Swedish Royal Family attended today the Swedish Academy's formal gathering held at the Stock Exchange in Stockholm.


BecB said...

I love both ladies hair, they are perfect and the dresses are appropriate and gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Crown princess Victoria looks Radiant.

Princess Madeleine looks also nice.

First time O'Neil is among royal members in public. Congratulations!

Prince Daniel looks as always a very good individual. It was good choice of princess Victoria.

:-) said...

Madeleine is so lovely .. Chris looks great in that tuxedo but I sure hope he'll be happy in his. new role ..I think it's less pressure since M is not the CP so they do have some freedom ..

Anonymous said...

last picture of Victoria and Daniel sweet they look! they're a good match!

Anonymous said...

Madeleine makes me hot & horny!