February 16, 2013

Dutch Royal Family travel to Lech

The Dutch Crown Prince Family is going to spend their annual holiday in Lech. This time they used the royal train to go there.


BecB said...

That is just gorgeous! What a cute family, the kids seem relaxed and confident and CP couple very laid back in their role as parents. Hope they have a nice holiday!

Anonymous said...

ok whatever !
Have fun Maxima! guess you need get to away before the biggest gig of your life as Queen and King ..
So go take your lavish holiday but please no photo op sessions a la Danish royal family ..
After seeing that cringe worthy mess, the public would rather not know that these royals are living it up while some just lament the fact they haven't been on a holiday in years ..

Anonymous said...

See they do the cringe worthy mess of a photo shoot also. Thank goodness there are some royal familes that are up front with what they do instead of pretending to be in tune with the people and then go on holidays overseas, buy tiaras and hide it- and all the time prentending.