February 15, 2013

Letizia at inauguration

Crown Prince Felipe and Crown Princess Letizia attended the inauguration of ARCO Contemporary Art Fair 2013 at Ifema.


Anonymous said...

that's a gorgeous dress! The brooch fits perfectly too!

Anonymous said...

out working again!
Good work these two!

Anonymous said...

if I was Spanish id be satisfied my taxes are backing Letizia and Felipe ..
They bring dignity and good ethics and a sense of good character ...and simple dignified style.

The age of royalty with bloated sense of entitlement, thumping their noses at the masses is way over. It's no longer tolerated.
Work with the public and you won't be sent packing ..
Greece saw that unfortunately ....

BecB said...

Love this CP couple. Letizia outfit is fantastic, hemline slightly borderline, but hey - if you've got it flaunt it. The lace detail is lovely.

Anonymous said...

Yet of all the countries that have a Monachy Spain is the one that has the worst economy.

Anonymous said...

not necessarily the sole fault of the royal family that Spain's economy is struggling.
Letizia and Felipe have especially taken special care not to live outlandishly while Spain suffers. they even had to agree to some cuts, working with the government's proposed terms. They're always working taking on more charities. This is how modern royalty should be.
They're striking the right attitude and tone and will continue to win the respect of the people. Will continue to root for them!!!