June 9, 2013

Wedding of Princess Madeleine and Chris O'Neill - The evening banquet

The banquet held at Drottningholm Palace was a private one, so no official photos. There could have been taken some pictures outside the palace and at the Grand Hotel, where most of the Royals were staying. On the pictures you can see that Madeleine changed her gown for the evening celebrations.


Anonymous said...

Seems that Princess Madeleine enjoy a lot the Day!

Happy New Life for Princess Madeleine and Mr. Christopher O'Neill!


Anonymous said...

Thank you dear for posting these eautiful pics, that are competely unknow!! I likethis dress best , than the Valentino one, and she looks so happy! The man who is talking with her in the 5th pic, is Luis Medina, Earl of San Martin del Hoyo, an spanish aristocrat, a very handsome man indeed, and brother of the Duke of Feria!

BecB said...

A fairytale end to a wonderful day for the newleyweds. I like both of Madeleine's dress choices, they are both perfect in their own way for the occassion.
Really hope Madeleine can quit the smoking however, really not good for her.