February 22, 2014

Press conference at the hospital with Chris O'Neill

Today Chris O'Neill talked to the media at the hospital.
He was present during the birth, which lasted almost one day. The baby weighs 3150 g and is 50 cm small. She looks like her mother and has dark brown eyes and brown hair.
He also said that it was Madeleine's decision to give birth in New York. They already know all of the names the little girl gets but isn't allowed to tell them now.
The announcement will be made by the King tomorrow.

Chris: Thank you very much. Thank you so much for coming out and supporting Princess Madeleine and me and [sic] what is obviously an amazing day. It was an amazing night yesterday. It was a long day, a lot of emotion, and we're just so thankful that at 10:41 last night, we got a little girl into this world, and she looks like her mum, which is all I wanted, and we have ten fingers, ten toes, and she's got a very strong, nice roar on her.

And I just wanted to, of course, thank everybody here at New York Hospital Cornell [sic], for everything they've done. The staff has been so wonderful, Peggy and her staff here, everybody on the seventh-level ward, and especially our hero, who is Dr. Degann, and who brought, along with her colleague Dr. Guballa, our little girl out into the world. And so that's really, if for me, if you have any questions, that I can answer -
Journalist: How tall is she? How big is she?
Chris: Stats?
Dr. Degann: She weighs 3150 grams, she measured 50 centimeters, and she is beautiful, and healthy.
Journalist: (something) a big baby.
Chris: How big the baby is? She's kind of this big. I do have a footprint here [shows his arm] from her last night, which has faded off a little bit. (laughs) That's her little foot from last night when she got the footprint.
Journalist: Do you have a photo on your phone?
Chris: I don't have my phone with me, but I have lots of photos. I think I've run out of memory of my camera and my photos, so that's all taken care of.
Journalist: Were you in the room the whole time?
Chris: I was. I was there from start to finish.   
Dr. Degann: He was the perfect father.

Journalist: What does that mean?
Dr. Degann: He was at her side at all times, made her comfortable, and most importantly happy.
Journalist: Was it a regular birth or a Caesarean?
Chris: It was a regular birth. Yeah, it was a regular birth. It was very smooth. All deliveries are very difficult, and I appreciate that now (chuckles) more than I did yesterday morning. I think it's a wonder that women are who they are that they can go through that in such grace. I don't think most men would be able to put up with that kind of ordeal. But the princess handled it wonderfully, and she's a very strong woman, and she is resting now, obviously, as I would try to do afterwards as well. We haven't had much sleep, but –

Journalist: (something) What was your role during (something)
Chris: Well, I cut the cord, that's what I did do, and I was just there to do whatever I could to help the princess feel as good as she could.
Journalist: How long was the whole process from start to finish?
Dr. Degann: It was pretty much a full day, as we would expect with a first baby. Quite average, and again, everything went smoothly, we're happy that everything was healthy, and Mother's happy.
Chris: Mother's -
Journalist: Can you explain, can you take us through the hours yesterday and your emotions right now?
Chris: Yeah, overwhelmed right now. Yesterday was a lot of mixed feelings that really bring out things that you've never experienced before. It's the first time for anybody to go through that. And, of course, nervous to see your wife in at times not the most comfortable positions, but then of course, at the end it's the greatest joy that could ever happen, so.
Journalist: Can you understand Prince Daniel now, with his feelings all over the place?
Chris: Absolutely. Absolutely.
Journalist: Do you have a name?
Chris: We do.
Journalist: Can you give us that? (laughs)
Chris: Nope. (laughs)

Journalist: One name! I know there are going to be five of them, can you give us one? (laughing)
Chris: Ah - no. I can't. I wish I could. I would, but I'm not allowed to, so.
Journalist: What does she look like? Does she have any hair?
Chris: She looks like her mum, and that's all I've asked for.

Journalist: Does she have hair?
Chris: She has hair. She has hair. Yeah, she has good hair.
Journalist: Eyes? What color?
Chris: Her eyes are dark brown right now, and her hair is also dark brown right now, but that also changes all the time with babies, so, you know. She's only 12 hours old right now, so.
Journalist: Who picked the name?

Chris: We both did. We both did. It was mutual.
Journalist: How will you celebrate?
Chris: I'm going to have a drink at some point later today, that's for sure.
Journalist: (something) push present?

Chris: Yeah, I've got a push present.
Journalist: What is it?
Chris: First I think my wife has to see it and then you'll know.
Journalist: Does it come in a small box or a big package?
Chris: It's a small box.
Journalist: Is it blue?
Chris: It's not blue.
Staff?: Okay, we have time for one more question.
Journalist: Was it a symbolic decision to have the baby here in New York and not in Sweden?
Chris: Symbolic – ah, no. It was a difficult decision. There were many factors that led into it. At the end of the day it was Princess Madeleine's decision, and I supported her whichever way she wanted to go.
Journalist: What do the upcoming days look like?
Chris: We're taking it day by day. We're just introducing ourselves to our little girl right now, and we'll see what happens over the next few days, but we're very excited, and we take it minute by minute.
Journalist: What was it like to hold her for the first time?
Chris: Incredible. Incredible feeling.
Journalist: Can you pronounce all her names?
Chris: I can. You can't, not yet, 'cause you don't know them. (reporters laugh) Thank you so much. Really appreciate it. Thank you again.
Journalist: Doctor, could you spell your name? Could you say and spell your name?
Dr. Degann: Sona Degann. D-e-g-a-n-n.
Journalist: S-o-n-a?
Dr. Degann: Correct. Thank you.
Chris: Thank you very much.
Dr. Degann: Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Long live the little girl!

This presentation was excellent by Chris O'Neill. He presented himself as he is: smart and happy father. He is really a very good choice of Princess Madeleine to be married with.
I wish all the happiness to this wonderful family!

God bless them forever!


Anonymous said...

I find him absolutely charming and just like the perfect dad!!! He looks very happy and excited and a little tired! :)
Looking forward to seeing a proper picture of the healthy baby girl :)
All the best to the little family and may God bless them