April 26, 2011

London Baby!

I feel a little bit like Joey from Friends right now ;)
There won't be any updates the next days because I'm flying to London tomorrow to see the wedding =)
I guess I won't be close enough to actually see William or Kate, so I decided to watch it in Hyde Park on huge screens.
If there won't be a tv channel in your country showing the wedding, you can watch it via livestream on The Royal Channel on YouTube.
I'm pretty sure there will be many pictures waiting for me to upload them once I'm back ;)

No matter where you're going to watch the wedding, I wish you all a good time and have fun ;)


Anonymous said...

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I'm watching from the comforts of my couch! Have fun in London.

Anonymous said...

Jetzt bin ich definitiv eifersüchtig. Danke! ;-)

Anonymous said...

You always have so lovely comments and the latest pictures!
Keep up the good work! It´s fantastic!

Victory from RD ;)

Anonymous said...

Good luck and good impressions!!!!!

valleverzasca said...

I hope you had much fun in London!
Where do you normally come from?

Royal Lady said...

@valleverzasca: I'm from Germany, near Düsseldorf, so not a long flight to London ;)

@Victory: Tack, I'm doing my best ;)