December 5, 2012

Madeleine and Chris at Christmas Lunch

Princess Madeleine and Chris O'Neill attended the Christmas Lunch of the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in New York.


Nice! said...

Madeleine looks fab!! Happy for her and Chris! NYC did her a lot of good!
She made the right choice for a complete change of scenery.

Now can she please go back to being a blonde? She looks fine as brunette but blonde suits her face much better ...and isn't she a natural blonde?

Anonymous said...

Madeleine looks so beautiful and happy

Anonymous said...

Really like her mini booties!
She looks so New Yorker - big city girl!

Anonymous said...

Depuis l'annonce de ses fiançailles, la princesse apparaît toujours avec un air triomphant.

Anonymous said...

It's like Madde just stepped off the set of "Sex and the City"
She could be CHARLOTTE! :) Princess of Park Avenue!