December 4, 2012

William at King Edward II hospital + succession rule will be changed!

It was Prince William who decided to drive Kate to the hospital. Yesterday he was pictured leaving the hospital after another visit. So far, he is the only visitor.

According to Max Foster (CNN) Kate and William drove together to hospital in London from Bucklebury where they were staying with the Middletons in their new manor.

And right in time, the Royal Succession rule will be changed. As the Deputy Prime Minister announced,
"the legislation will end the principle of male primogeniture, so that men will no longer take precedence over women in line to the throne, and end the bar on anyone in the line of succession marrying a Roman Catholic."
The new rules will apply to any baby born in the line of succession, taking effect after the Prime Minister made the announcement in Perth, Australia, at the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in October 2011.

Quote of the Deputy Prime Minister:

“This is a historic moment for our country and our Monarchy. People across the realms of the Commonwealth will be celebrating the news that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their first child.”
We can also all celebrate that whether the baby is a boy or a girl, they will have an equal claim to the throne. It’s a wonderful coincidence that the final confirmation from the other realms arrived on the very day that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made their announcement.
The Government will soon introduce the Succession to the Crown Bill which will make our old fashioned rules fit for the 21st Century. It will write down in law what we agreed back in 2011 – that if the Duke and Duchess Cambridge have a baby girl, she can one day be our Queen even if she later has younger brothers.


hey now! said...

Well it's the right move changing the rules to keep up with modern times. Equality and all that. No gender discrimination.

Correct me if Im wrong but don't most royal families have this change of rule too?
I know Spain changed theirs so Leonor can succeed her dad and Sweden changed theirs for CP Victoria otherwise it would've been her brother Carl Phillipe as CP and Norway changed too as well as Denmark to accommodate Queen Margrethe...
so who did I miss?
Could you please confirm this Royal Lady?

wait.. did the Dutch change too?

buon fortuna!! said...

William sounds like a good husband. Caring and supportive of his sick wife. It's what people want to see not the insanity that was his parents' marriage.

Too bad Diana isn't here to be part of their joy but these two will be alright. They will weather any rough storm in their way.
They need to seeing the press is insane!!! What the heck are they waiting for crowding outside of the hospital? It's not like it's going to be a fast forward and they step out with their baby this god it's going to be a long7- 8 months wait. Leave them alone!

Royal Lady said...

@hey now!
As far as I know, Spain didn't change it because the second one was a girl, too. They would have, if it was a boy. And since Letizia probably is done with having children, they just let the rule as it is.
But the rest changed the rule. At least I don't know a country that still prefers men over women.