December 29, 2014

The dresses 2014 - Part one

Admit it - you're all looking forward to this post! And so am I :) Let's start with our Queens and Crown Princesses this year.

More tiara appearances as a Queen, but still very simple. Dress 3 is a repeat, dress 5 my favourite.

Personally I'm not that fond of the yellow dress but the rest is between okay and great! The first dress is an altered version of a dress she wore when pregnant with Isabella, dress 4 is a repeat and still one of my favourites. I also adore the flattering no 7, that she wore before in her early days as Crown Princess. 

Let's cut out the first and the last and I'm more than happy! I love no 4 and 5 (Madeleine wore no 4 in a different colour to the Nobels) and actually no 10 as well. Nevertheless, nothing tops her gorgeous queenlike dress no 8 at the Nobel Awards this year!!

If it wasn't for the last dress I would have said it was a horrible year. It's still not her best choice. I really have the feeling she needs big weddings and stuff to show off her gorgeous dresses. And she definitely can! I still have hope for 2015.

What do you think? What is your hit and your miss?

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That_Mendelsohn_Maven said...

On Queen Letizia, I love the white for its casually glamorous look. I like no. 5, too. The short sleeves give the black lace a fresh, young look. On Princess Mary, I adore the last dress. The dark blue color, the beading, the fit and shoulders - so glamorous. I like no. 5, too. Classic princess look in a pretty pale pink. On Princess Victoria, no. 6 for the champagne color and body-hugging fit. A great look on her. Princess Mette-Marit...sigh, how I wish I could dress her. She's lovely, and has so much potential.