December 28, 2013

The dresses 2013 - Part One

And here it is, my favourite post every year :) So why not enjoy it and divide it into three parts. We'll start today with the Swedish princesses.

My personal favourite is her second wedding dress, which could have been her actual wedding dress in my opinion, because it is soo Madeleine! I also adore the first two dresses (!!) and I think the last three dresses are a save choice for a pregnant woman. I can't really hide I'm no fan of her wedding dress, but still - there is no dress, I wouldn't wear myself.

Victoria is the one with most tiara appearances this year and most occasions to show off with gorgeous dresses. Two repeats in one year and at least seven recycled dresses in general. 
I love the two dresses she wore to her sister's wedding and I would love to see the very last dress without the jacket because I'm sure I would like it!
With the exception of two dresses (no 8, first row + no 5, second row), she has done everything right this year.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love all of Crown Princess Victoria's dresses. This is a lovely post.

Anonymous said...

This are one of mine favorite posts of the year as well. So thank you very much for post #1.
You forgot about the golden Jenny Peckham dress of Victoria which she wore at the evening of 30th April (= worn 3 times in a year).
Looking forward for post #2 and 3.

Royal Lady said...

You're right, I forgot the whole event! I added it at least to the next two parts :)

marta said...

You actually saw the very last dress, I think. You posted a photo of it, this one: :)