December 29, 2013

The dresses 2013 - Part two

Let's continue with the two Danish princesses.

I like Marie very much but I think that most of her dresses are a bit blah. I mean they are nice and all, but not that special and sometimes I don't even remember them. I think it's kind of sad, as she definitely has the talent and looks to just "rock a dress", if you know what I mean.
I'm a bit in love with the rosé dress though ;)

I won't say anything to the first one... For me, she has many "ok-dresses", two that I would never wear and two I just love! (no 5 and 10, by the way). I also admit that I like dress no 3, together with that hat as whole look. It's different somehow and it doesn't go with anyone.

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Anonymous said...

I love most of Mary's especially 8 and 9. I find beautiful. Thanks for posting.